Monday, May 02, 2005

The Truth About Forever **** 1/2

Dessen, Sarah. The Truth About Forever. New York: Viking, 2004.

Macy is a ball of nerves. Ever since her father died a few years ago, she strives to be perfect. She thinks that if she is perfect, it will make things easier on her mother. In the meantime, her mother works all the time and doesn't seem to have any time for Macy at all, although she doesn't realize how little she knows her daughter.

As the summer begins, Macy is upset because her boyfriend is going away to Brain Camp for 6 weeks. Macy is taking over his library help desk job, which he takes very seriously. The three girls she works with hate her and make it obvious they don't want her around. Meanwhile, she meets up with caterers at one of her mother's events and gets a job working events with them in the evening. Her mother doesn't like it at all, and wants her to spend all of her spare time studying for the SATs. Her boyfriend breaks up with her essentially because she doesn't take her help desk job as seriously as he thinks she should. He decides they should take a break and reevaluate after he gets back from Brain Camp. Macy ends up falling for one of the boys that she works with, Wes, which leads her to confusion because she can't decide if she wants the safe and perfect guy, or the other new guy that doesn't seem perfect right away.

I love this book, but it will have a limited audience due to its length. It is almost 400 pages long. It is also very deep. There isn't any fluff here-- the book is very serious and deep. This doesn't mean that it isn't enjoyable, though. It is very well-written and enjoyable. I recommend it for anyone looking for a deep book that makes you think.

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