Sunday, May 01, 2005

Bro ****

Peck, Robert Newton. Bro. New York: Harper Collins, 2004.

This is a historical fiction novel. Tugwell has been mute ever since he witnessed his Grandfather commit gruesome acts six years ago. Then a few years after that, Tug's older brother Broda goes to prison for being an alcohol trafficker. Now Tug and his parents are going back to Florida to visit his Grandfather, who is scared of. While his dysfunctional parents have an arguement in the car, they don't realize that a train is coming and that they are on the train tracks until it is too late. His parents are killed but Tug survives.

He is taken to his Grandfather's ranch where his Great Aunt Lulu will be staying and watching over him. Needless to say, this scares him since he has never met Lulu and he is scared of his Grandfather. Lulu is wonderful to him but he has to overcome his distrust of Grandpap. Meanwhile, while in prison, Bro finds out about Tug's situation and plans to break out of prison to help his brother out.

I throughly enjoyed the story and recommend it for any reluctant readers. The book is short, so it will appeal to people that "don't like to read", particulary male readers. The characters are all interesting and sympathetic, except the parents that die within the first 10 pages. Tug grows up and lot and learns so much just in a few weeks time. We see real growth in him and learn a little about sacrifice and life along the way.

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