Sunday, September 18, 2005

Who's Your Daddy? ****

Sandoval, Lynda. Who's Your Daddy? New York: Simon Pulse, 2004.

This was pure chick lit, but it was fun and entertaining. Lila and her friends Caressa and Meryl are part of the "Who's Your Daddy" club because all of their fathers have shaped who they are. Lila's father is the chief of police. Caressa's is a famous blues musician. Meryl's father is the school's disciplinarian and football coach. Because of their fathers, it scares off most guys they are interested in.

The three friends want boyfriends. They have a "Dumb Supper" which is a ritualistic meal that tells you who will be your true love. Things go awry. Lila gets into a little trouble, and her father makes her join the student Police Squad, which Lila calls the Junior Narcs. Caressa decides she is meant to be with a young musician, and writes him a letter saying her father wants to produce his next album. Meryl falls in love with a new student from Bosnia who is not interested in dating her because she isn't American enough-- Meryl's family doesn't have a TV and they don't watch movies.

The year progresses with many funny situations. Most chapters are told from the perspective of Lila, although some chapters alternate between Caressa and Meryl as well. There are no major issues here, just good fun reading about these three girls and their experiences throughout the year. The ending is really predictable, but readers won't care because the writing is so funny that they will be entertained regardless.

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