Saturday, February 12, 2005

The V Club ****

Brian, Kate. The V Club. New York: Simon & Schuster, 2004.

This was a great book. In it, a local woman dies, leaving a sizable bit of money to the local high school for a scholarship. This scholarship would pay for 4 years of college. The winner not only needs good grades, but also community service and to be a virgin.

This scholarship is much needed by some of the students, four of whom are friends. Eva, who is shy, appears to be a shoe-in as she is a good student and has never even been on a date. Her friend Debbie wants to be a fashion designer, but her parents disapprove; she needs the scholarship to go to FIT. Kai also needs the scholarship. Mandy, who has money, also decides to throw her hat into the ring and forms a Virginity Club. As the novel progresses, we get to know each girl and her family. They each have things going on in their lives and the stresses start to pull their friendships apart, especially as they start to fight over the same guy, and over who should get the scholarship.

At first glance this book seems a bit shallow and frivolous. As I read it, however, I realized that each character was drawn really well and I got to understand each of them and what they were going through on the inside. We know that things are going to end on a happy note for all of the characters, because that is the type of book that it is. The happy ending doesn't feel forced or like the author just wanted to make a happy ending for the sake of it. I recommend this book for anyone who is applying to college, or anyone that wants to read a book about true friendship.

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