Sunday, November 14, 2004

Boy Meets Boy *****

Levithan, David. Boy Meets Boy. New York: Knopf, 2003.

This was an awesome book. This is something new in the genre of gay fiction. All of the gay fiction I have read up to this point has been all about teens figuring out they are gay, dealing with homophobic people, etc. This is the first novel in which the protagonist knows he is gay, has had relationships before, and it isn't that big of a deal. The homosexuality in this book isn't the plot, it just happens to be there for most of the characters. And, in addtion to that, the characters live in a community where being gay isn't a big deal. There isn't any homophobia, except for one set of parents. The school community sees nothing odd about it, and even has a drag queen football quarterback who is made homecoming queen.

A little about the plot. This is your typical teenage romance book, only the love triangle exists between all guys. Paul dated Zack, who freaked out about being gay, and started dating girls. Paul has now moved on. He meets Noah, a new guy in school, and falls in love with him. Drama ensues when Zack decides he wants to be with Paul again. Paul, trying to be a friend, ends up in a few situations with Zack that make it appear that they are getting back together, which ruin his relationship with Noah. Paul sets out to save his relationship with Noah. In the meantime Tony, Pauls' gay best friend (totally platonic) is dealing with parents who are very religious and can't accept that their son is gay. Once they realize all of those religious retreats and evenings at Christian Youth Group were really him going out with his friends, some of whom are also gay, they won't let him out of the house at all. Paul and his friends try to help Tony out with his parents and get him out of the house.I can't say enough about this book. Really. I recommend it to everyone.

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