Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A Bad Boy Can Be Good for a Girl *****

Stone, Tanya Lee. A Bad Boy Can Be Good for a Girl. 2006.

This is another novel told in verse, so if you aren't a fan, stop reading now.

This story follows three girls that all get taken in by the same guy. He is charismatic and all of the girls get taken in. First, we hear from Josie. She is a Freshman and the reason he dumps her after awhile is because she refuses to sleep with him. She is a reader and the situation makes her think of the book Forever by Judy Blume. She takes the school's copy and writes a warning to all of the girls in the school. She then tells everyone, including his new conquest, to go read the book. He proceeds to use two more girls, Nicolette and Aviva.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I think it sends a good message-- beware of who you fall for. Ultimately, all of these girls learn a lot from their experience of falling for a bad boy. I can bet that none of the three girls in the story would ever fall for another guy like him again. This is highly recommended for high school girls-- I think they will learn something from it. There are a few sex scenes, but they are not at all graphic. I thought I would mention that since some people are sensitive to that. Go read this book now!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie *****

Lubar, David. Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie. 2005.

This was a great book. Told from the first person point of view, Scott details his first year of high school. He finds himself in all college prep/honors courses while his three best friends end up someplace else. The inevitable happens-- as the year progresses, he loses his friends. He can't seem to shake Mouth, this dorky kid on his bus stop that doesn't know how and when to shut up. He is in love with Julia, but she doesn't know he exists. Oh, and his mother is pregnant.

Scott tries to join a bunch of clubs and activities so that he can have an excuse to be around Julia, who starts to date the football quarterback. He joins the school paper to be around her, but he ends up having to write the sports columns even though he is the least athletic person he knows. He befriends a new girl at school who is a little weird.

Scott has a great sense of humor. He tells us about his Freshman year with honesty and wit. He also puts in letters to his unborn brother throughout, giving him tips on navigating through life. Very funny and well written. Recommended for all readers, including reluctant readers.